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Cant show realizers from graph?

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Hello, so im building an application in which i store some graph data in a database and then extract them using the GraphMLIOhanldler to read from an input stream into a Graph2D object and using getRealizer to return the NodeRealizer from the Graph2D. the problem comes when i try to feed this realizer to a Jlist in order to display it in a custom editor, all i get is what shown in the image, and its unusable if i write the stream to a file it works and i can see it with yEd but it doesnt work to be usable again in my custom editor, i dont know what im doing wrong to be honest and im not that experienced with java, so any help would be appreciatted with this problem, thank you!

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This forum is for yEd questions only. For questions regarding the yFiles for Java programming library, please contact yWorks support by email. (Please include your yWorks customer or evaluator ID in your email when doing so.)

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