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Saveing selection

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I am writing you with connection the question upper. So I would like to ask you if is it possible to save selected selection of some node (group, image). Since I have dificulty when I select some selection by Lower or Rise selection (that option is accessable when the right button is pressed) than I save my graph and close. And the problem is that when i open again my graph the selection is not saved. So please could you help me how to save the selection of image, group and so on.

Thank you
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yEd does not store the selection state of individual diagram elements when saving diagrams in GraphML format.

If you need to recreate the selection states of your diagram elements, you need to get creative. E.g. you could add a custom property for your nodes and edges and set that property to a specific value before saving and after loading the diagram once again select those elements that have the corresponding property value.
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Ok thank you for idea. Propably you are very skilled not as me. So could you help me once more? So how can I add the function after loading my graph with connection to my new created property?? Thank you very much. You save me much time. Jiří
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