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Is the off-line documentation available for yEd ?

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Thanks for the nice product ! In order to improve my skills as a new user, I would appreciate if there would be some off-line documentation (e.g. a pdf file).

The online documentation has a button called download as pdf, but that only creates a pdf of the currently visible help page.

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The documentation is available in yEd (see "Help" -> "Help").
by [yWorks] (160k points)
I should have been more specific with my question: I know there is the offline Help function, but it does not easily enable me to take the whole documentation and read (and annotate) it on another device (e.g. an iPad)
Here: http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/2623
is a possible workaround to get a PDF (if you can print to a PDF printer, for example).
yEd's help browser offers a "Print" button. This button prints all expanded and selected help items. If you have a PDF printer installed, you can create a PDF document of the yEd help by expanding and selecting all help topics and printing to a PDF file.

Note, the print option currently works on Windows and Linux only.
That works fine for me. I had tried to print to pdf from the help browser, but did not have all topics selected before calling the print function. Thanks!
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