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Have you considered implementing multiple views of the same graph, each with independent layout?

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It would be great to have multiple "secondary" views of the same graph, with the possibility of defining an alternate node/edge layout for each view without altering the "base" view's layout.

I often use yEd to draw graphs whose nodes are positioned so that they match some underlying geographical base. For example, nodes may correspond to elements of a water supply network, with edges being water pipes. When nodes are positioned that way, however, the graph may become harder to work with, due to partially overlapping nodes or nodes that are too far apart. In this case, a secondary view that allows me to re-arrange the graph so that all nodes are equidistant, for example, would be very useful. I'd use the main view to get the final result, and the alternate view to define the graph topology more easily. Of course, the underlying model would be the same graph, and adding an edge to a node in the secondary view would automatically update the main view (and vice-versa).
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I can imagine that the secondary views would reflow automatically when you apply the changes, but what should happen to the primary view (you say you want one) if a secondary view adds a new node; place it near its neighbors and switch to the main view upon deselection? Anyways, I like that idea.
I think there should be an option for each node - in which views it is present
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