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Need some more icons in "Computer & Network" palette

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Dear Sirs,

Curently I'm using Visio and want to try yEd.

Unfortunately I see only 15 icons in "Computer & Network" palette.

Will you please help me about where can I find more of these icons and how can I import them to yEd?

Thanks in advance


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3 Answers

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Hi, I just created palettes to be imported based on VRT icons.

Very usefull thanks.
Thank you. No router in a set of network icons is a major omission.
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Please see How can I use my own node symbols in yEd? for information on importing additional symbols.

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Go to <Edit>--><Manage Palette>

Then choose <IconFinder> search new icon with icon create a new selection when you import icon.


You can also import from local if you already have some icon already create or use with another software.
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