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Efficient (hotkey-controlled) flow charting with automatic layouting

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I came to yed because I searched for a software that allows me to draw neat flowchart extremely efficiently, using only the keyboard. I do not want to engage in design - I just want to enter my thoughts in a structured way, and the diagram should be automatically generated. There yould be a key for "new node" up/right/down/left and when a "fork" comes, there'd be another hotkey.

If you search something like this for mindmaps, FreeMind realizes it just perfectly efficiently. For flowchart-type-diagrams, this funcionality is included in the 300-Dollar-software SmartDraw.

In yed, the basic functions Donnerstag exist; creating new nodes and auto-layouting - only the smooth and heavy-user-friendly "automatic live design mode" is missing.

Don't you think this would be a great new functionality?!

Schöne Grüsse from Bern, Switzerland,
in Feature Requests by (170 points)
Combined with yED existing lay-outing, this form of keyboard based entry would be a killer selling point for yEd. A great deal of time is wasted moving between keyboard and mouse while having to do the laborious connecting of  process shapes together. An automated connection / network approach similar to FreeMind would speed things up massively.

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