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Use mouse wheel for scrolling instead of zoom

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Could you please set default behaviour of mouse wheel to scroll page? For instance, I wish this:

  • scroll vertical bar by simple scroll,
  • scroll horizontal bar by Shift + scroll,

And about zooming, please use these instead:

  • zoom in: Ctrl + Scroll Up
  • zoom out: Ctrl + Scroll Down

At least, scrolling page is default feature of scroll button, so please don't change its behaviour...

Thank you so much.




I've just got new version 3.9.1. Once again, the question is what is default feature of scroll button? Please don't change things called "default".



I've just got new version 3.9.2. Once again, the question is what is default feature of scroll button? Please don't change things called "default".


What is the purpose of this forum? Even after months there is no reply from any one. If you do not want to answer this kind of questions so please do not call this place "Feature Requests" -- as I can see, it wasted my time.

Thank you, just decided to stop using your app.

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You requested a new feature. What answer do you need for that? Moreover, our (internal) list of feature requests currently holds over 1,000 items and your request has very few votes, so it's close to the bottom of the list.
I apologize because of my words. I think I was wrong.

I apologize again.


2 Answers

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I agree—that would be very useful and intuitive.
Yes. At least give the option to set it this way.
If you like this feature, please vote for it instead of just leaving a comment.
Yes, please add this as a feature.  I love yEd and use it on my mac.  The 2 finger scrolling on the mac is used to scroll up down (and left right) in all other applications and the default to scroll for zoom is disruptive.  Thanks for the great app!
Much agree with this. Am working on a lot of diagrams that have to be finished in inkscape. When Alt-Tabbing between inkscape and Yed, It's very irritating that the mouse behaves differently. Even after a week I still get it wrong every time.
yes please. yEd is amazing but this is the one thing that continues to frustrate me about my trackpad.

Even just trying to navigate around the screen when I am on the train, it keeps scrolling and it is so frustrating. I am so frustrated that I Googled this and registered on this forum just so I could vote this feature request up.

Please add the ability to remove this feature.

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Supported as of yEd 3.10.

See "File" -> "Preferences", tab "General":

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I am really glad I found this feature! One small note - on a mac the key for zoom is labelled as ctrl-wheel, but it is actually cmd-wheel
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