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Swimlane including nodes renders yEd slow and unresponsive

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Whenever we use swimlanes, including nodes in a drawing, yEd gets slower and slower after a while. The lag between action and effect renders the usage very difficult. As a remedy we have to restart yEd.

I checked the memory allocation using the Windows Task Manager, but that looks insignificant.

Other drawings we use, even with hundreds of nodes, edges and labels aren't showing this effect on the same computers (all Windows 7 64bit).

We experienced this with version 3.13, 3.12 and 3.11 (each with included JRE version)

Thanks for ideas regarding this matter.

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Would it be possible for you to upload a sample diagram in *.graphml or *graphmlz format that exhibits the performance problems? (Please see How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for instructions on - well - how to upload files here.)

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Sorry for the delay.

Finally I managed to strip a affected document from confidential information. Additionally I removed most pictures we use to give this charts a better visual understanding.


another chart which leads to the same problem after a while


Thanks for your help in this matter.


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Thank you very much for the sample diagrams.

Up to now, I have not experienced any performance degradation when editing your diagrams. When you say "after a while" is that after five minutes, half an hour, or several hours of work?
Sorry for the slowness in replying (and no I'm not struggling with this files for all that while, but change in work topic).

In the above cases the performance degradation starts after several hours of work. Without counting the time I would say after 2-3 of continuously working on the same document this lagging in responsiveness starts. That's why I was looking into the memory allocation as a possible reason, but  couldn't be verified.
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