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Structure View unreadable - how to change?

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When I select a node in Structure View, the background of the selected node becomes dark blue, making the black text of the selected node unreadable.

Can I tweak some file to change this background color, and might this be improved in a future version?

This is on yEd 3.11, Java 1.6.0_24, Windows 7 64-bit.




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yEd uses the native Windows look and feel, so it is probably pickung up that color from your Windows theme settings (not sure though).

Aside from looking for and adjusting the appropriate theme setting, you could also try updating your Java to a more recent version. (Note, doing so might affect other software, too. I recommend this approach only if you know how to revert back to the old state in case something goes amiss.)
Another option would be updating to the most current version of yEd (which is 3.13 at the time of this writing). Again, be sure to keep either your old installer or your old installation just in case the update does not turn out as expected.
Finally, you can try to run yEd with a cross-platform look and feel instead of the native Windows look and feel. To do that, follow the instructions given in How can I prevent 'Out of Memory' errors in yEd? but instead of adding the option -J-Xmx768m use -Dyed.laf=crossplatform in the mentioned 'Target' field.

by [yWorks] (161k points)
The culprit in my case was a poor choice of color in the Windows theme.

Thanks for the extremely lucid answer!
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