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How to move a node WITH its anchors?

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I am making a network diagram.  In the middle of the area I have a backbone for the network.  So I make a bunch of computers to connect to it in varying places using orthogonal connections.

Now, I want to move a whole block of computers, but when I move them, the connection points to the backbone stay where they were and it makes a mess.

Is there a way to move the connection points along with the node selections?

Right now I have to go and realign every single connection point for the lines - each one individually.

Or is there at least a way to move many connection points at once?

You see, I want to move all of these nodes and all of these ports at once.  My "trunk" is too small and I need to enlarge it and make room for more nodes.  If I can move these nodes out of the way without having to redraw all the edges, that would be wonderful.


Again, I want to move the phone nodes AND the edges a little further down my "trunk" shape without changing the formation. 

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You have to select the bends (as connection points are formally called) you want to move together with the nodes you want to move. To do that, use either the marquee selection or (if all the nodes are already selected) "Tools" -> "Select Elements" with "Clear Selection First" disabled and "Use These Criteria" from tab "Bends" enabled as well as option "Select" on tab "Bends" set to "Edges at Selected Nodes".

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Thank you for answering.  It seems like I am not able to select the "bends" with the marquee.  I can't capture them with a selection box, nor can I shift+select them like I can the nodes.  I AM able to shift+select the bends as long as I am NOT selecting nodes too - I can't select both nodes and bends into the same selection.

But I also tried the Select Elements procedure you mentioned, and I can't get it to select the bends either.  

I can move the nodes, and when I do that, one end (that connects to the node) moves with the selected nodes.  But I can't move the other end - they stay locked in position.  I want to move the nodes and BOTH ends of the bends.  I just can't select the node AND the far end of the bend at the same time.
Ah, and even if I select just a bunch of the bends, you can't move them all at once.  When you try to drag the selected bunch only one of them moves.

Might be there is a misunderstanding here.

It is possible to select bends and nodes at the same time:


It is not possible to select edges and elements of another type at the same time:

Note, when selecting an edge, its bends (the green circles) and ports (the black squares) are highlighted but not selected.


The first case is the one you want. When dragging one of the selected elements (no matter which one) all the other selected elements are moved as well.


If the the "Select Elements" tool does not work, you probably have "Use These Criteria" enabled on multiple tabs. Make sure it is enabled only for the "Bends" tab.

Mr. Behr,  Okay, I am with you now on terminology.  I posted a screenshot so you can see what I am trying to do.

Step 1: Use marquee selection to select nodes and bends

Step 2: Either use the mouse and drag one of the selected nodes (all other selected elements will be moved accordingly) closer to your trunk node or use "Tools" -> "Geometric Transformations" with "Operation" set to "Translate", "Act On Selection Only" enabled, "Horizontal Distance" set to "0", and "Vertical Distance" set to the distance that you want your elements closer to the trunk node.


It is currently not possible to move all the (edge) ports at your trunk node at once. If you need to enlarge your trunk node horizontally, the best approach would probably be selecting the trunk node and entering a larger "Width" in the properties table in yEd's lower right corner. ("File" -> "Preferences", tab "Editor" option "Resize from Center" governs whether the node will grow to the left and right or to the right only. You want that option enabled.)

Alternatively, select one of the edges, then use marquee selection with SHIFT pressed to select all the edges connecting your trunk node to the phone nodes and run "Layout" -> "Edge Routing" -> "Orthogonal/Polyline" with "Scope" set to "Selected Edges", "Consider Node Labels" enabled, and "Enable Octilinear Routing" not checked to correct your edge paths after moving your phone nodes to the left or right.

Mr. Behr.  It is pretty easy to do what you show in the screenshot - but this isn't what I'm trying to do.  It is also clear about how to adjust the width via the panel controls.  But you do say that it "currently is not possible to move all the edge ports at the trunk node at once."  
-This is, apparently the answer.  It is not possible.

However, that last trick is useful - how to use the Edge Router Layout adjustment to correct the lines after you move them.  Thanks for that!

Thank you for your tim and attention!
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