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I'm unable to paste text into a label

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I have yEd 3.13 running on Mac OS X 10.9.5

I want to transfer text from a text editor into the node label but yEd does not seem to interact with the system clipboard. The yEd clipboard contains a node. The system clipboard contains plain text.

How can I get the OS clipboard into yEd's clipboard?
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1 Answer

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  1. Select a node.
  2. Choose "Edit" -> "Edit Label".


  1. Select node.
  2. Go to yEd's properties view in the lower right corner.
  3. Click into the "Text" value field.
  4. Click the "..." button that is now displayed in the "Text" value field.
  5. Use COMMAND+V to paste text into the text area dialog that has been opened by the previous click.
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That is what I'd expect. It works for a new node in a new document.

I went back the document that I was having trouble with and tried to edit the node using both methods. Neither worked?
It appears as though yEd is very fussy about the contents of the clipboard. I was using the Bluefish editor (v2.2.5) to create HTML code for pretty labels. yEd will not allow me to paste the clipboard into a label. I can paste the code into a TextWrangler document, copy it and then paste it into a label.

While I was experimenting I noticed that yEd has multiple clipboards active at the same time. I copied a node object and it would not appear in the Finder clipboard. I copied text from another source and I could paste it into a label. Immediately after editing the label I used command-v to paste into the document area and the node object was pasted in.

This makes me think that Bluefish must add enough extra information to the text for yEd to decide that it shouldn't go into the text clipboard.
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