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Text of menu disapperng on mouse over ?

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I just installed YED and the text on menu (and almost everywhere else) just disappear when i mouve my mouse on it.

Some text reappears, nut not all ?

any idea where it could come from ?

I installed the all in one last windows version.
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Which exact version of Windows are you using? (Please include whether it is a 32bit or 64bit operating system.)
Which yEd installer did you run?
i am using : windows 7 64bits
Yed : 3.13
Thank you very much for the information. By asking for the yEd installer, I meant which installer file because there are four Windows installers:
  yEd-3.13_without-JRE_32-bit_setup.exe, and
i used the yEd-3.13_with-JRE_32-bit_setup.exe
I did the same thing too! - It wasn't obvious that there was an alternative 64-bit version so I downloaded the 32-bit one assuming that this was the only one on offer (and I have loads of 32-bit apps, so why would I worry?)
It would be a good idea to bring the 64-bit variant up to the top level. If this post hadn't been on the front page of the forum, I would have given up on yEd and moved on elsewhere.

P.S. the 64-bit one gave the same problem :-(  so I went back to the 32-bit (yes - 32-bit) v3.10.2 which is fine!

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I faced the same problem since installing version 3.13 :-(
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i am using : windows 7 64bits
i used the yEd-3.13_with-JRE_32-bit_setup.exe

This means you have installed yEd for 32bit Windows on 64bit Windows.

Please uninstall the 32bit yEd, download yEd-3.13_with-JRE_64-bit_setup.exe from yWorks download page, and install the 64bit yEd.

by [yWorks] (159k points)
well i did as you suggested,
with the 64 version => same result => text menu disappearing => un-usable !
I'm using the correct version (64 bit), but I'm also facing the described issue.
Are you by chance using a custom Windows theme? If so, would you mind testing yEd with the default theme?
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