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How do I uninstall the yEd Graph Editor application?

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Depending on the way yEd has been installed on a computer, there are basically two different methods for uninstalling the application. Common to both methods is that the yEd profile directory is not automatically deleted, and thus needs to be removed in a separate step.

Uninstallation Methods

The simplest method to uninstall yEd is to use the yEd uninstaller application which gets installed by default by both the Windows and Mac OS X-specific yEd installers. This uninstaller application resides within the yEd installation directory and is named

  • uninstall.exe (on Windows)
  • yEd Graph Editor Uninstaller.app (on Mac OS X)

The uninstaller applications not only delete the yEd installation directory, but also remove the bindings that were registered in order for the operating systems to properly associate certain file types/file name extensions with the yEd Graph Editor application.

The other method to uninstall yEd simply consists of deleting the yEd installation directory manually. It applies in particular to yEd installations that were created using the yEd Zip archive.

Profile Directory

Depending on the computer platform, yEd 3.6 (and later) uses different directories to store the profile of a user. The profile consists of all settings of layout algorithms and tools and also contains all imported images and SVGs.
In order to completely remove all yEd-related files from a computer, you will have to delete the profile directory, too.

The profile directory on the different computer platforms:

  • C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\yWorks\yEd (on Windows Vista / Windows 7)
  • C:\Documents and Settings\me\Application Data\yWorks\yEd (on Windows XP)
  • Users/me/Library/yWorks/yEd (on Mac OS X)
  • .yEd in the user's home directory (on Linux)

yEd versions prior to 3.6 stored the profile of a user in a directory called .yed3 in the user's home directory.


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