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How to get the layout I want, with none-strict tree?

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I have a generic tree with one root. I want to layout nodes by the rules below (see the image). Can yEd do that?

Rule 1) The shortest distance (*) from the root to a node determines the column where that node belongs.

Rule 2) The longest distance (*) from the root to a node determines the position in a column.

In other words, the shorted distance determins the generation, and the longest distance determines the age order among siblings.


(*) By "distance" , I mean the number of nodes between the root to the node of interest.




What I got, vs  what I want

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to configure yEd's tree layout to arrange diagrams in the desired way.

You might be able to get close to the desired result using the following approach (no guarantees though):

  1. Run tree layout.
  2. Manually reorder elements as desired. (Element location do not need to be pixel-perfect in this step).
  3. Run hierarchical layout left-to-right with option "Use Drawing As Sketch" enabled.
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