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Possible to use keypad symbols (/*-+) while editing?

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I tend to have to type a lot a dates and hyphenated numbers into my charts.  I use "entitty relationship" boxes, where there is basically an upper and lower box.  When editing content by clicking into the boxes (red bordered box appears where contents changed) and editing, if you hit either the +, -, /, * keys on the keypad it zooms in, out, turns on magnifier, etc.  Is there a way to allow use of the keypad symbols ?

Or would this be more related to the keyboard shortcuts that appear to currently be unavailable for modification?

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This is a long standing problem which we classified as low priority in the past. Lots of votes may change this ;-)
by [yWorks] (26.8k points)
Dear Michael,

It seems to me that the ability of the software to recognize a user is editing text instead of navigating the graph is really very basic functionality. I would hesitate to call this a low priority item. It is quite painstaking to have to use the ALT codes to type simple +,-,* and / signs
BTW: I think the software is really brilliant.

Kind regards

(A workaround could be to let users set the settings for keyboard shortcuts themselves)
ALT codes? How about simply using the regular, non-numpad keys instead? (You know, SHIFT+"8" for "*", etc.)
Thank you very much for your answer Thomas. I am so used to using the numpad that I indeed overlooked the regular way. Regard my query as solved :)
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