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Dataflow is reversed

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Newbie question: My dataflow appears to be reversed. I am attempting to layout the flow between tables in a data warehouse. Arrows point backwards, from successor  to predecessor rather than predecessor to successor. The whole chart is rendered upside-down, with the end of the flow at the top. I'm using the Orthagonal > Classic layout. How can I fix this? A colleague (who is on vacation for a week) used yEd to create the original dataflow diagram and the arrows point correctly on his old version.
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1 Answer

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Orthogonal layout has no idea about the direction of a flow. Use Hierarchical layout instead. Your links can still have orthogonal shape with this algorithm.
by [yWorks] (23.7k points)
It turns out my colleague tweaked the .gml file to reverse the arrows by swapping the predecessors & successors! Cool that you can do that; it's pretty simple to do using a text editor.
You do not even need a text editor to do that. In yEd, select the edges you want to reverse, then use "Tool" -> "Reverse Selected Edges".
Alternatively, you can switch the source and target arrow of selected edges in the properties view in yEd's lower right corner.
That's slick. Thank you!
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