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can't save preferences or palettes

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Here is my problem:  


Step 1: I choose the settings I want in file>preferences, and I build a custom palette of the nodes I want.  Everything works fine while yed is still open.

Step 2: I close yED and immediately reopen it.  It still works fine.

Step 3: I restart the computer and open yED.  The preferences have been reset to the defaults, and my custom palette is gone.


What gives?  Does this happen to anyone else?  I had yed a few years ago and I did not have this problem.  I'm on yed v3.8 and windows 7 pro.


asked Jan 17, 2012 in Help by MarredCheese (120 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Mike,

we haven't heard of such a problem before. Since it works fine in the same session but the settings are gone after logging out, this might be a problem with the system folder protection in Windows 7. As far as I know, this feature silently redirects access to certain protected directories to a temporary location which is cleared on log-out. However, recent versions of yEd store its preferences in the designated location for application settings, in the folder %APPDATA%, which shouldn't be affected by this. Are you using the latest version of yEd (3.8)?

You can also check if the yEd preferences folder still contains any data after logging out and in. For the location of this folder, please see this article: http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/9/
answered Jan 18, 2012 by michael [yWorks] (26,550 points)
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