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Hide Group Box

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I have searched the Q&A only to find this to be the best answer, however it does NOT help.  http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/2239/create-invisible-group

My question...

Can I group objects and hide the group box?  It is hideous and I simply want to group items together without a BIG box around them.

Thanks for the help.

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Why does Create invisible group? not help? Seems to me like this is exactly what you want to do.

I managed to hide the box.  Does not appear to let me resize the group however.  I'll keep messing with it.  This is my first time using it.
Why do you want to resize an invisible group? In any case, for me that works the same as before. Clicking into the (invisible) group shows the group's resize handles which can then be used to change the group's size using the mouse.

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