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yED heirarchical layout not responding

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On one of my colleague's PC, when he tries to change the layout of the yEd graph to heirarchical layout, nothing happens. All the other layouts seem to be working fine too. The dialog box with the heirarchical layout settings does not popup nor is there any error prompt!

What could be the reason for this?

Thanks in advance!
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Usually the settings dialog does not appear if it is already docked. If the settings are docked together with another component like the overview or the palette, it could be that the hierarchical layout settings are actually in a tab below that other component. If this is indeed the case, use "Windows" -> "Reset Layout" and then try "Layout" -> "Hierarchical" once again. If that does not help, please zip your yEd profile directory and upload the zip archive here.


by [yWorks] (156k points)
Thank you. I'll try this and if that doesn't work too, I'll upload the profile directory here.
Thanks! I had the same problem, now it works again.
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