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Node search by text content

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Currently the only way to search (that I know of)

is the Structure View  Window --> Search field

but it's limited only to finding the begining sequence of the text

and only a single instance.


This is very limiting as my graph has more than a 1000 nodes,

all with text inside them, and I cannot do a proper search on it,

other than opening it in an external text editor and using the search function there.

Could you please add some more functionality to the search ?


related to an answer for: Could you improve search ?
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The Select Elements tool that is described in the thread that you have linked has many more options than the search in the structure view. If that still doesn't fit your needs, please describe in more details that features you're missing exactly.
Just to be clear we are talking about Select Elements window
opened by Main Menu --> Edit --> Find or CTRL + F, right ?

I tried using different settings under the tab Nodes in the "Match Type" field
namely: Complete, Suffix Match, Prefix Match, Infix Match but they don't seem to work at all ...

All I'm trying to do is very basic search functionality on the nodes.
Let's say you have a node with text  "This is test case", I'd like it to be found
when I search for "test". Currently I can only find the nodes by the text begining - in this example search for "this" would find the node, since the text starts with "this".
Actually "Tools" -> "Select Elements" and "Edit" -> "Find" are two different things. The first one will select all matching elements while the second one will select the first matching element. Both offer the same options, though. And both work as expected in yEd 3.12.2. Note, for your use case it is important that you follow the instructions in my original answer.
Hi Michael

Thanks for a great product!

I would however like to support Wojciech initial request on improving the search functionality of the Structure View. I understand that Find and Select Elements options are also available, but I think the structure view could be more usefull since it shows me all my nodes. It would be great if the search field could do an infix match and then show the node(s) matching that query in a ranked order. That way I have a immediate overview of all relevant nodes and can select the appropiate one without having to shuffle through several like in the Find and Select Elements component.

Would that be possible?

Cheers, Jens, Denmark

For starters, just changing the structure view search to be "infix" (it is "prefix" in 3.11) or to support wild cards would be really useful - any chance of that being added?

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(years later wink) same here.

The "Select Element" function does work, but is cumbersome for everyday work. Would be very usefull if the searchbox would work "infix" too, should be an easy fix right?

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