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Can't get automatic text wrapping to work with fit node to label function

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I'm trying to set node width to an arbitrary number (200 in this case), automatically wrap the node text to that width, and then automatically adjust the height of the node to the height of the wrapped text.

In the labels tab of the node properties, I have "Size" set to "Fit Node Width" and "Configuration" set to "Cropping". When I run the Fit Node to Label Function, I check the box next to "Ignore Width" and leave the "Ignore Height" box unchecked. The result is that the text wraps correctly, but the Fit Node To Label function resets the height of the node to what it would be if the label were only a single line of text.

I have noticed that If I set the Node Label Properties "Configuration" to "Standard" instead of "Cropping", I get the functionality out of the Fit Node To Label Tool that I'm expecting (i.e., the height of the node increases to match the height of the label), but of course now the label text does not wrap automatically, and the label is wider than the node.
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2 Answers

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You are right, "Fit Node to Label" currently works only for "Size" option "Fit Content".

I have added a request for improvement to our issue tracking system. I cannot promise that this will be improved any time soon, though.
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The "Fit Node to Label" tool supports height adjustments for configuration "Cropping" and size "Fit Node Width" as of yEd 3.14.3.
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