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How to better fit labels to edges in Hierarchical Layout?

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I have the layout shown below.  I'd like to compact it so that everything gets bigger and easier to see without zooming.  To efficiently compact it, the labels on the long edges need to be oriented parallel to the edge direction.

However I can't seem to get that to work.  You can see my label settings.  Which ones do I need to change?



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The hierarchic layout algorithm respects your edge labels' preferred placement setting. With this in mind, try the following approach:

      1. Select all the edge labels that should be placed parallel to the corresponding edge segment.
  2. Adjust the properties of the selected edge labels as follow.
  2.1. Choose an a "Placement" option that supports rotation. The default placement "SmartFree: Anywhere" is a good choice.
  2.2. Choose "Anywhere parallel" as "Preferred Placement".
  3. Adjust the settings of the hierarchic layout.
  3.1. In section "Labeling", set option "Edge Labeling" to value "Hierarchic",
  3.2 set option "Edge Label Model" to value "As Is",
  3.3 and select option "Compact Placement".
  4. Run the hierarchical layout algorithm.


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Where is the option "Compact Placement"?
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