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SVG export bug? some custom symbols change their size when export is opened in Inkscape

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I'm unsure wheter the cause is yEd or Inkscape, but I'm sure you may judge this faster than I do:

I uploaded a minimal example of both the Graphml and the SVG file, see below. in Inkscape, the two background graphs in the middle are displayed smaller than the other two, although in yEd they have the same size. Even more weird, their bounding box appears much smaller than their actual size. In Firefox, the SVG looks fine.

This is quite an issue for me, as I use Inkscape for creating PDFs, which is vital for my application of yEd.

Thanks in advance for your advice

- Jörg



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1 Answer

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Well, aside from yEd, Inkscape, and Firefox, I also tested with Chrome and Emacs. Chrome sides with yEd and Firefox, while Emacs displays the document like Inkscape. Unfortunately, I know way to little SVG to decide which viewer is right. (Actually, I think even an SVG expert would be hard pressed to decide which visualization is correct due to the many transformations used inside your original SVG documents.)

My only idea to improve the situation is resizing your four original SVG documents in Inkscape in such a way, that they are equally sized (and placed) in Inkscape and then used those modified versions in yEd.

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