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Java 7 on Ubuntu: Menu/mouse error

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I've edited this: I was a bit too quick. I have realised the menu error I have described below only occurs in full-screen mode. I'm not quite sure what causes the error now, as I've discovered it does actually occur both with JDK-6u30 and JDK-7u2

I'm using Ubuntu 10.11 with Gnome-shell, yEd-3.8 and (Oracle) Java 7 update 2 JDK. Under Java 7, the menus in yEd fail to work using the mouse. If I use the keyboard shortcuts, however, they seem to work alright.

If I revert to the (Oracle) JDK-6u30 things work as expected.

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Some further investigation shows that the menus work, but there is sort of an "invisible off-set" to the left, so that if I hover the mouse about a menus width to the left of where it actually is, I can click it.
Saw this in yEd and Visual Paradigm for UML. Am using a dual screen solution.

Solution: just don't let the window be fullscreen.
Yeah, seeing this same problem on Fedora 20... no matter what version of Java I run.  Yes, if the application window is not set to fully open, then the menus (File, Edit, etc.) are accessible correctly with a mouse.

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Which menus do you mean? For me, there are no menus in full screen mode. (And in "normal" mode, menus do work as expected for me with both 6u30 and 7u2 on Ubuntu 10.) Could you maybe provide a screenshot?
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Certainly! Here are screenshots with menus shown: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/807/yedz.png/
In figure A the window is not maximized. In figure B it is however, and notice where the mouse pointer is: That is where I have to place it in order to press the button. It's like that with all pop up menus. As soon as the window is not longer maximized it's working normally again though. Quite strange :)
Thank you very much for your screenshots. Although I do now understand the problem, I am unfortunately not able to help you. This is most certainly not a yEd problem, but some issue with Java and/or your desktop environment. (yEd simply does not do any mouse handling with regards to menus, that is all done by Java's GUI toolkit.) If you have installed Java using either Synaptic Packet Manager or apt, you could try the JDK 6u30 self-extracting *.bin package. This version works without problems on my Ubuntu 10 system with Gnome desktop environment.
Ah, I thought as much. The 6u30 I have is actually installed from the binary. I'll try and find what's causing the trouble when I have some time off.
Thanks for your replies!
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My 2c: Try changing Java's look-n-feel:

java -Dswing.defaultlaf=com.sun.java.swing.plaf.gtk.GTKLookAndFeel -jar yed.jar


java -Dswing.defaultlaf=com.sun.java.swing.plaf.nimbus.NimbusLookAndFeel -jar yed.jar


Another long-shot guess would be switching to Full Screen (Ctrl+L), when the problem happens, and then back to normal again.

yEd does not use the default look and feel on Linux. So, changing the default LaF will have no effect.
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