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Bug: Menus are opening above instead of below the menu bar (Ubuntu 12.04.1)

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This might be related to another question I found here.

I'm using yEd 3.10 64-bit along with Java 1.7.0_09 and Ubuntu 12.04.1.

The menus are not opening as expected and experienced in other programs. When clicking "File" for example, Instead of dropping down the menu opens above. This happens when yEd is not maximized. When yEd is maximized to the full screen, the menu uses all space that's available to the top, so about 1/4 of the menu is above the point you clicked on and the rest is below.

This screenshot should better describe the problem:


I haven't tried any other Java version yet, as I don't have the time to do so at the moment.
related to an answer for: Java 7 on Ubuntu: Menu/mouse error
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Does this happen with the Java version that is bundled with yEd or do you run yEd with a Java version that is installed system-wide?
Does this also happen if your system panel is located at the bottom of the screen instead of on the top?

That said, I am afraid what is true for Java 7 on Ubuntu: Menu/mouse error is also true here: This is most certainly not a yEd problem, but some issue with Java and/or your desktop environment. (yEd simply does not place menus, that is all done by Java's GUI toolkit.)

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