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Won't select when searching by Node Labels

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Same issue seems to be happening when selecting by Node Labels. It will focus on the node, but not select it, which doesn't help when you're wanting a selection of all nodes with that text (infix match).

Also, it doesn't seem to do even that when the Select Elements window is docked.

Other than that, thank you so much for the work you all have put into this software.

It rocks! :)
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Sorry, but I totally misunderstood the problem.

"Edit" -> "Find" is meant to select only a single element. "Edit" -> "Find" is meant to be combined with "Edit" -> "Find Next" and "Edit" -> "Find Previous". If there are multiple elements that match Find's criterion, repeated use  of Find Next and Find Previous will cycle the selection through all matching elements.

You are right, though, the green start button does not seem to work when docking Find.

If you want to select all matching elements at once, you need to use "Tools" -> "Select Elements". (And Select Elements is the one that was broken and is fixed as of 3.12.1.)

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I don't mean to nag, but the green "start" button doesn't work when you dock the "Select Elements" window... and it's still not selecting more than one node with the text.

Could there be a checkbox to enable selecting all of the nodes (at the same time) that match the search, please? It really helped a lot when going through and fixing errors on flowcharts.
Ooooh... well now I know, then. Thank you so much.

May I suggest, then, for the "Find" window to be renamed as such? I was very much in the habit of hitting Ctrl+F and it selecting all matching elements, that I didn't even know there was a difference between the two. Although if you took me up on the checkbox idea, it could be simpler for new users to get the hang of, I think.

In any case, thank you once again for the clarification!

All the best,
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