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Graphic-Error - all Zoom-Levels at once

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Hey there,

I now use yEd for about two Months and loved this Editor to create a Flowchart.

My problem startet about two weeks ago:
When I zoom in or out, all zoom-levels are visible at once. When I move the diagram all moving-steps are visible. So after some few clicks my whole screen is black, filled with "diagrams".

Only if I click some objects and press F2 to change the textfield, everything is as it should be... until I moove or zoom.

Reinstalling didn't work, newest update (3.12) is installed. My specifications:
Win7, 32bit.

Can someone help me???? Thank you!
asked Feb 12, 2014 in Help by anonymous

1 Answer

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Did you change your background color to a semi-transparent color with your previous yEd installation? If so, go to "File" -> "Preferences", "Background" and change the "Color" setting to some opaque color. Since yEd 3.12 does not longer display transparency values for background colors, you might have to change "Color" to some other value and the change it back to the actually desired value to "remove" transparency from your current background color.
answered Feb 12, 2014 by thomas.behr [yWorks] (126,520 points)
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