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How to snap edge to group boundary?

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I use groups to define procedures and some nodes have an exit condition that exits the procedure. In this case I would like an edge to start at a node and end with the arrow at the boundary of the group. Is this possible? I imagine I could do it by hiding a node behind the group and snapping to that, but it is kludgy and a pain when I need to resize.

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1 Answer

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Of course, it is possible to connect an edge to a group node. The same rules used for starting edges at a group node apply to ending an edge at a group node.

by [yWorks] (160k points)
I think I was not clear in what I was asking - I know I can connect to the outside of a group, in this case the node is inside the group. So for example, a node is inside a group. I want to connect an edge from that node to the border of the group it resides in, so the internal border of the group.
Create edge from node to group border
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