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Hi. yEd graph editor installation takes too long!

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After 7 hours the install4j wizard, dose not complete!

what should I do right now?
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This is the first time someone reports this problem. Are you sure there is no dialog waiting for user input that you missed somehow (because it is minimized or behind another window)?

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I'm trying to install the new version over the existing one without de-installing the old one. At the wizard, when choosing the destination folder, I get the message I have no write access to the folder. I'm going to have a look at this for now myself, but waiting 7 hours is way too long for yEd; perhaps you're encountering something likewise (no permissions; no access)?

I'd say abort the installation and try again. Maybe you get more information from Window's Administrative tools? (to be found in the configuration panel)
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explicitly deinstalling the old and installing the new one worked for me and I didn't lose my custom palette ^^
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