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Is there a configuration file that I can use to change the settings in yEd?

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I have a set of default settings for yEd which I use on my desktop.

I want to make that defaults as a standard template for everyone else to use.

Is there a configuration file or something like that which I can modify to suit my default settings and then share the same file among everyone else that I work with, so that they can use the same settings?

Or is there a way of exporting the .graphml file along with the settings.



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Settings are stored in file settings.xml in yEd's profile directory. If you copy that file to another yEd's profile directory, that other yEd will get your settings, too.

by [yWorks] (160k points)
I tried doing that, but the replaced settings.xml file gets replaced whenever  the other yEd is opened, hence the settings that I need are not mirrored to that yEd.
Is there some way that I can use the settings.xml file without it getting overwritten?
yEd does not write settings when opened. If yEd did that, it would be impossible to restore any user settings! yEd *reads* settings when opened and writes settings when closed.
However, the above approach of copying settings.xml only works if the other yEd is *not* already running.
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