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How to manage labels for mapping properties?

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I'm trying to map several text properties to a single node. I've managed to create a custom palette with a custom template in it. This tempalte has two labels in it. Here's my problem:

When I try to map the text to the labels I get a third label.

I also can not acces the second label in any way or see it - the node properties only show the first label (even when there's a third label). I can't poistion the labels in any way (only the first one).

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

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Could you please upload a sample GraphML file that uses your template node with several text properties as well as a screenshot of your property mapper configuration that shows all its settings?

2 Answers

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GraphML and image available at:


Thanks in advance!
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Thank you very much for the additional information.

According to your screenshot, your template node already has three labels. So, you do not get that third label due to mapping your text.

In the GraphML file, all the text is in the first and second labels. It is the third label that is empty and thus "invisible".
Unfortunately, there is no easy way to select all empty labels in yEd. Usually, the best you can do is selecting one non-empty label (if all your labels are inside nodes, use CTRL+click to select the label), expanding the selection to all labels using CTRL+A, manually removing all non-empty labels from the selection using SHIFT+click, and finally deleting the still selected labels using DELETE. (Yes, it is tedious.)
However, in your case it is actually easier: Fix your template node and reapply your property mapper configuration. (The easiest way to do that is probably creating a new node, adding only one additional label, and finally adding said node to your user defined palette section.)
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