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Character µ is missing when export to PDF with embedded fonts

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I want to export a graph, which has the greek character µ in its labels, to PDF. With the used option "normal text with embedded fonts", this character is missing in the result. The µ I've used is Unicode U+00B5, i.e., from the Latin-1 part of Unicode.

I have also tried other characters from Latin-1 (like ä, ö, ü). They are exported correctly.

Also other greek characters are exported correctly (from U+03B1 to U+03C9 including the µ on U+03BC), but the export does not use the right font (Symbol instead of Courier New) for the export, so I cannot use U+03BC instead.

I have uploaded an example to:

The version of yEd I have used is 3.11.1.
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2 Answers

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Unfortunately, FreeHEP VectorGraphics, the library yEd uses for PDF export, does not support the full unicode range of character glyphs. The really bad news is that FreeHEP VectorGraphics is no longer maintained by its creators. In other words, the situation will not improve any time soon.

Currently, the only way to export µ to PDF in yEd is by using option "Vectorized Text" for setting "Text Rendering Policy" on tab "PDF".

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export it to .svg and then convert .svg to .pdf in external aplication like https://document.online-convert.com/convert/svg-to-pdf
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