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Using the Excel Import, can we configure to have to rectangle different colors

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I am using an excel to import the edge information. So the excel is a list of source;target;filetype


I would like that depending of what is my fletype column the rectangle to be different color. I found that I can change the arrow type... but it's not quite visible enough in my project. So, is there a way to change the color of the rectangle based on a value in a 3rd column..

Also, the information provided from reading excel file is quite limited and there is no information about the other format (such as xml).
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Yes, there is a way to change the color according to the value in the third column using yEd's Properties Mapper.

First, you need to add a custom property to your document (see "Edit" -> "Manage Custom Poperties") whose type and name matches the data of your third column. Then create the desired mapping in the properties mapper.

When importing from Excel, after specifying the desired data ranges, change to tab "Presentation", enable "Use Configuration" in the "Nodes" section and choose the correct mapping name for "Configuration".

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How do I set the color int the properties mapper
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