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Search in structure view does not refocus graph after first match

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Possibly a bug?

1) type text into structure view's Search field - it should match more than one node

2) yEd matches the first node and refocuses to it, so far so good

3) hit Enter key to find next match

4) Match is found but view is not refocussed. You can scroll to the found node and you can see it is selected, which shows it was found.

3.11.1 is my yED version
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What do you mean by "refocus"? All the search field does is selecting the matched node in the current editor - and that works for subsequent matches as well as the first match.
When I say "refocus to a node" I mean "scroll to a node", such that it is in the centre of the main view.

If I search using the alternative method (CTRL+F, go to the Nodes tab, set Select to "Label" and Label to the text I am looking for) then yED does scroll to each matching node with each press of F3.

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Thank you very much for the clarification.

Structure view's search field does not work like "Edit" -> "Find" (then action triggered by CTRL+F). To "focus" a node using the structure view, you need to right-click the corresponding entry to open its context menu and choose "Focus Node".

This is not a bug, it simply works in a different way.
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