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Merge several elements so that they act as one when moved

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I'd like some help for the following problem. I have this graph element :

I have made the blue box and put two database symbols on the corners.

I'd like these 3 elements to be considered as one (i.e. "grouped" or "merged" or "associated") so that when I move the blue box or when I run an automatic layout, they don't get split like this :

but instead remain as a whole like this :

How can I do that ?

Many thanks for your help !

Best regards.

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2 Answers

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Just to mention that I have found a way to do it in a simple way. It is not fully satisfying, since I'd like to use the database symbols, but at least it works. I have used labels positioned on the corners (see screenshot below).

Any help is still welcome to try to answer my original question, thank you :)


I finally managed to do it by using customized icons (PNG images with translucent background) instead of plain colored background for the labels. yEd for the win ! :)


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As an alternative to your (nice) image based solution, it is also possible to convert the "ECN" nodes in your original screenshots into node labels for the "UC 8.1.2 Check ECN" node. To do that, select and move an ECN node above the "UC 8.1.2 Check ECN" node. Then right-click the "ECN" node to open its context menu and choose "Convert to Label".
by [yWorks] (160k points)
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