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Setting (label) properties times out before confirmation

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It has happend a few times now and I suspect it is a bug. When I edit a label, either within the node or by having the properties window open, sometimes it just pops back to the original text and what I was typing is gone. Like there has been a cancel interruption.

Is there something I can do about this?
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Actually, the properties window should never just disappear. Are you sure you did not accidentally type ESC (cancels editing) or CTRL+RETURN (confirms and ends editing)?
Unfortunately, with the little information at hand it is impossible to determine what the problem might be. (That will require a way to reliably reproduce the problem.)
No, it's not the properties window disappearing but the text I am editing pops back to the original text. And I'm very certain I did not use any of the key combinations.
I have had the situation multiple times, on different days/loadings of yEd, but I haven't found out how to reproduce the situation, unfortunately. I'll let you know in case I find out how :)
I've had the situation reoccur (a few times): the properties pop-up window refreshes to its settings when opened; focus set to the first tab "general". Unfortunately can't find out why/when, so still no reproduction possible.
Thank you very much for your continued effort of trying to determine steps to reproduce this problem.

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