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How to lower an object by one level, not all the way back?

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I'm a little confused how the lower object works.

Selecting lower from the context menu pushes the object all the way down, which I can work around, but is a little time consuming.  How can I lower it by one layer?

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Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to lower an object by one layer only. "Raise Selection" and "Lower Selection" are "all or nothing" features.
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This also confuses me: firstly, because of naming these features "raise selection" and "lower selection" which differs from every other application that I've seen which uses this feature.

I can't remember if this was different in previous versions of yEd. But it's in any case a very common feature across all diagram editors and a great many graphics packages (varying from Adobe Flash to Oracle Forms Builder) to offer four options: 'Send to back', 'Send backwards', 'Send to front' and 'Send forwards'.
Using these four you can layer your objects easily.

It'd also need a keyboard shortcut, because if you want to push an object down over multiple layers it is extremely awkward to have to do this using your mouse and the menu.

But for the rest I find yEd a great diagram editor. I especially love the layout hints, that's extremely usable.

I'll second the _absolute need_ for raise and lower hotkeys. Since I can't seem to find a way to make a node non-selectable, I keep having to send stuff back (and later forward) to select nodes inside.

It is quite unproductive to have to do so using a menu. How about having a CTRL+UP/DOWN hotkey?
Try CTRL+left-click to cycle the selection through all elements at a given location instead of sending elements to back (and later to front).
That does alleviate it quite a lot - many thanks! :)
Neither of these seem to do anything on OS X. This single feature makes me want to use other tools.
Option + Left-Click works on mac for selecting elements on a different level
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