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Merging two (or more) graphs, from separate graphml files

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It would be nice to be able to merge two (or more) graphs, startiong from separate graphml files.
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I've made an account just to upvote this.

Use case: we have graphml files in our Git repository. Very simple changes merge okay. But if someone groups nodes, updates the layout or similar, regular merge tools don't cut it anymore.

1 Answer

–2 votes
Open both graphs in yEd, then use CTRL+A to select everything in one of the two graphs and use CTRL+C, CTRL+V to copy/paste the selected graph into the other graph.
by [yWorks] (160k points)
I'd like this feature too but with a 'merge nodes' facility.
This would merge nodes with the same label, for example convert a unconnected graph (or graphs) with nodes N1->N2  N2->N3 into N1->N2->N3
Another user who needs "merge nodes" functionality here :)
Copy data from graph to graph isnt an option - its stupidity. Merging graphs by for example nodes would allow cooperative work - For example in 'global view' u can see every graph and make connection by IP domain or something, but editing data would be allowed only for one section - by locking system or something like this.
Having a merge feature would be very useful. The copy and paste would not work when you have 5000+ features with overlap.
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