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Use imported data to adjust properties

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Hi. Having imported Adjagency Matrix network data from Excel (nodes and node list) I need the system to allow me to change the properties of batches of nodes. For instance, my network consists of people from government, private sector and NGOs. This data is in the node list. But I can't see how to, for instance, make the nodes for all Government people be the same colour or shape. I can only see how to edit individual nodes - which makes the node list redundant. Any help?
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You can use "Tools" -> "Select Elements" to select nodes by custom property value. With multiple nodes selected, changing the node color will change the color for each selected node. Repeat for each value that represents a type of nodes you need in a certain color.

Alternatively, you can use yEd's properties mapper to change the color of your nodes depending on custom property values.

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