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opened graphml-file is not displayed

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I have just downloaded yEd for Windows (64bit). When I open a example file, e.g.  the first one from http://graphml.graphdrawing.org/primer/graphml-primer.html, then I can only see one rectangle, no graph. But the windows properties or structure on the side show  the right number of nodes and edges. How can I see the graph correctly?


Thu Van
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That first example in the GraphML primer has only structural information without any geometry information. In such cases, yEd generates default coordinates for nodes resulting in all nodes being centered on (0,0). The simple solution is to arrange the graph with one of yEd's layout algorithms. "Layout" -> "Hierarchical" and "Layout" -> "Organic" are good choices for general graphs.

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ah, thank you. now, I have another question about labelling and coloring.
my default definition for my attributes look like this:
<key id="d0" for="node" attr.name="color" attr.type="string">
<key id="d1" for="edge" attr.name="color" attr.type="string">
<key id="d2" for="node" attr.name="ID" attr.type="string">

then I have for example a node like this:
<node id = "z">
<data key="d0">green</data>
<data key="d2">z</data> <!-- ID -->

but in my graph, all nodes and edges look the same(I can only see the attributes and their values on the left side in the structure box). can't I change the look this way?
thanks in advance
The GraphML standard does not define how geometry data or visual properties like colors and/or labels have to be represented in GraphML.
To see how visual properties are defined in our GraphML, create a graph with a single node and the desired fill color and label text in yEd and save that graph as GraphML. (Due to the many configuration options available in yEd the result will be quite a bit more complicated than your approach. See also the second GraphML snippet in http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/2349/how-to-properly-generate-graphml-with-perl.)
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