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copy selection as svg

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For exchange with other programs, it would be useful to copy a selection to the clipboard as an image (svg and bitmap are both useful).

It will thus be easy to paste the image to another program by pasting from the clipboard.
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yEd already supports this feature. After selecting some elements, right-click to open the selection context menu and choose "Copy to System Clipboard".
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Hi Thomas,
Thanks for the answer.  However, the current behavior is not fully satisfactory.

In MS-Word, when pasting an image from an svg editor, such as Inkscape, Word offers :
Paste as Image( PNG )
Paste as Image(SVG)
Paste as Image(SVG Inkscape)

Using the method "Copy to System clipboard" in yEd, MS-Word offers:
Device Independent Bitmap
Picture (Enhanced Metafile)
Picture (PNG)

Moreover, when pasting as enhanced metafile, the image aspect ratio is different than the image displayed by yEd.

I would like the system clipboard to contain an image recognized as SVG by MS-Word and other common software.
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