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How to increse size of export pdf ?

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I made a family tree with Yed.

I then exported this tree to PDF format.

The resulting file has a length of 1189.2 cms by 132.5 cms.

To obtain a printed version with legible characters, it is necessary to print on a document of approximately 10 meters.

That is, enlarge the original by a factor of approximately 8.4.

When I open the PDF file with ACROBAT READER, I can zoom in up to 6400%, which is a magnification factor of 6.4. At this stage the text is still very clear.

I cannot go further with ACROBAT READER to verify beyond that.

Attempts to print at a magnification factor of 8.4 resulted in pixilation which made the document unreadable. Question:

Would it be possible when exporting to PDF to get a document with a dimension doubled, which would certainly avoid the pixilation problem when printing?

Thanks for your help.


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Yes, it is possible to export a diagram to a PDF document with the diagram's "dimension doubled". All you need to do for that is increase the "Scaling Factor" in the PDF Export settings to "2":

by [yWorks] (151k points)
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