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Family tree How to fix Label placement

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You wrote :

<clear all label texts (without deleting the actual label objects)>

What means these words ?

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Delete a label object:
If you select a node label and press DELETE, you delete the label object from its owner node. I.e. your node will have one less label than before.

Clear label text:
If you instead edit a label's text and set it to nothing, you will end up with an empty label. I.e. your node will still have the same number of labels even though one does not show any text anymore.
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See my initial question <Yed - Family Tree - Fix label placement 20.10.21 09:06> and your answer <Yed - Family Tree - Fix label placement 20.10.21 12:58>

Your way is not perfect ..
If you <clear all label text and then run property mapper to set label texts again... as you wrote> The original label 1 was <Name + Surname> on two lines (see my initial question) and after apply <properties mapper configuration for set name to a node's first, as you wrote > You build a label name1 in One line..not in Two line ....

Q1 : How to build a node label 1 in two lines ?
Q2 : How to select all label text ?
Q3 : How to select all label text except label text of the label object 1 ?

Thanck in advance
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When using the regular expression conversion of yEd's properties mapper, the "Replacement" option supports the control sequence \n for line breaks.

You cannot select label texts. You need to select all label objects. When editing text with multiple selected labels, the text will be changed for all selected labels.
You can select all labels in several ways:

  1. Select one label, then use the CTRL+A keyboard shortcut.
  2. Use "Tools" -> "Select Elements".

Use "Tools" -> "Select Elements" to select all node labels with an index greater than 0.


In a Family tree I want to fix label indices for name, birth date, and death..
You answer :
1- Import the Gedcom
2- clear all label text (without deleting the actual label object)
3- run properties mapper to set label again.
That is OK but …
1- After the import Gedcom the label 1 has Name + Surname in TWO lines (see above fig 1).
  Fig 1
2- After clearing label text .. the node is clear lines (see above fig 2).
 Fig 2
After apply your properties mapper < Set_GEDCOM_data.cnfx> the node is (see above fig 3)
 Fig 3
After apply my palette the node is this (see above fig 4)
 Fig 4
So the label 1 is not as in initially (see fig 1), Name in first line + Surname second line.

Q1 : Is it a Regex problem or is it not possible ?

Q2 : How to extract and applying properties mapper in order to have the Name + Surname in TWO lines

Have a good new week
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To insert an image into a post, you need to "answer" the original question and use the "Insert Image" button from the editor's toolbar:

The properties mapper configuration I sent you was meant as an example/proof-of-concept to get you started.
In case of the name mapping, its "Conversion" is set to "Automatic". I.e. it will copy the data from the NAME tag from your GEDCOM file as is. For my test case that was fine. If you do not want to do that, but extract only parts of the NAME tag and reformat the extracted parts as well, you need to change the name mapping to "Regular Expression" (and specify the required pattern and replacement, of course) .

You need to use the "Regular Expression" conversion and use \n in the conversion's "Replacement" value.

I import a Gedcom with this lines :
2 FORM Town , Area code , County , Region , Country, Subdivision
1 SUBM @S0@"

I know how to extract tag "County" OR tag "Subdivision" and write via the <Properties mapper> each of one in two different Node label.
Now, I want to write "Town" AND "Subdivision" in One Label Object.

Q1 : So, is it possible ?
Q2 : If yes, is it possible to write in One Label Object "Town" AND "Subdivision" in one line label as "Town --- Subdivision" ?
Q3 : If yes, is it possible to write  in One Label Object "Town" AND "Subdivision" in two line label as "Town" (line 1) and "Subdivision" (line 2) ?

A1: Yes
A2: Yes
A3: Yes
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