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How can I generate graph automatically from imported data for a home studio wiring conf ?

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This is what I aim at at the end of the day : ending up with an (or several) automatically-generated graph(s) representing various audio devices / instruments having each their own connexion sockets (MIDI IN/OUT/THRU, Balanced/Unbalanced lines Jack TS/TRS INs and OUTs, RCA IN/OUT, XLR IN/OUT, ... ) and being connected together in a coherent systemic way, so that technical restrictions are taken into account in the final outcome.

Let me know if I am not being clear. The outcome could look like this : https://www.soundonsound.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=76339 (although I guess this was drawn manually, not from imported data)

Thanks !
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Well, yEd offers the possibility to import data from Excel spreadsheets, please see Import of Excel Files in the yEd Manual and various posts here in the forum for further information.

That said, yEd is mostly meant for manual diagram creation - even using Excel import, yEd's properties mapper, and yEd's automatic layout algorithms, you will need to perform some steps manually to create a diagram similar to the one linked in your question.

If you need a fully automated process, yEd is not the right tool for the job. Instead, you would need to develop a custom application based on the yFiles diagramming library (upon which yEd is built as well). So, if developing your own custom application is an option for you, take a look at yFiles.

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Thanks very much for your quick answer, Thomas. Unfortunately, I am only an end-user. I have no developing skills whatsoever.
I think the idea I had is an overkill anyway. I will be better off doing it manually from A to Z.

Thanks again
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