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Can you move multiple connections from one node to another?

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So i have like a connection from A, B, C to D.

Then i create a node E.

Can i move A, B, C connections to E?

I can select multiple connections with Shift, but seems i can not grab them all and connection them to another node.

I  tried clicking the exact point in the middle of the node, but it always only selects one connection.
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1 Answer

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Yes, you can have multiple connections from one node to another. In fact, there may be as many edges (as connections are called formally) between any two nodes as you want.

You cannot, however, reconnect multiple edges at once. E.g. if you have an edge connecting node A to node A1 and an edge connecting node B to node B1 and you want both of these edges to connect to a node C instead of A1/B1, then you will have to reconnect first one edge and then the other.
by [yWorks] (161k points)
Hmm i'm not sure if thats what i asked.
Let me specify:

Your example with connecting assumes, i have two different nodes, but i just talk about one node.

So i have a connection from node A, B, C to node D.

A \
B - D
C /

Now lets say i want to connect A and B to a new node E.

Can i not select connection A to D and B to D and connect it to E in one rush?

A \
B - E

C - D

Of course this is a simple example with only 2 connections, i need it with 30 and more connections.

Would be much easier to choose all 30 connections and connect to a new node, otherwise i have to choose every connection single and reconnect.

Your example is still reconnecting multiple edges in one go and that is (unfortunately) not possible.

Indeed, your example is just a special case of mine with A1 = B1 = D. smiley

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