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Collapsing Nodes like the HTML demo

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The yFiles HTML demo shows nodes collapsing. Is there a way to do that with yEd. All I've seen is the "Groups". And either I don't understand it properly, or it doesn't work exactly as I want it to.
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I guess you are either referring to the way the "Collapsible Tree" demo or the "Organization Chart" demo (around 0:34 in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWdu7y8Uri8) allow you to collapse subtree structures in a diagram, is that correct?

This kind of collapsing nodes is not provided by yEd. Instead, as you already have found out, you can put nodes into a group node and close the group node to reduce the number of objects in your diagram.

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Collapsing sub-trees similar to the yFiles demo
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