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Select all for groups does not work

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I want to select all groups so that I can bulk disable nesting-dependent shading.  If I select a group and then select all (ctrl-A) everything gets selected and not just the groups.  This is not aligned which how select all works for all other components in yEd.  As an example, if you select an edge label and then ctrl-a, all edge labels are selected only.  If you select an edge itself and then ctrl-a, all edges are selected only.
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1 Answer

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You can use "Tools" -> "Select Elements" for this purpose. Please see the Select Elements section in the yEd Manual for more information.

That said, the "Select All" action (CTRL+A) does differentiate by element type (node, edge, node label, edge label) but not sub-type (all group nodes are nodes). Additionally, when selecting all nodes, bends are selected as well. While this violates the "select all elements of one type" rule, it is very convenient for moving the selected elements.

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