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copy and paste format

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How copy format from one node to other nodes copy and paste format properties: fill, border color, font size and color etc.

Do not want to copy a node. The node already exists, just want the same format as other.

Very useful, necessary feature !!

asked Nov 16, 2012 in Help by anonymous

2 Answers

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Create a user-defined palette section and add the node whose format you want to copy to said palette section. Then select the node or nodes you want to change. Finally, right-click the template node in the aforementioned palette section and choose "Apply" from the template's context menu.
answered Nov 16, 2012 by thomas.behr [yWorks] (122,690 points)
I see !! Thanks.
So even you can use the "current elements" to paste format from existing elements. Great !
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answered Feb 11 by charles (260 points)
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