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Window layout incompletely saved

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I have my monitor turned vertical. yEd window is maximized. I like to have the following at hand: Palette, Select Elements, Properties View, Preferences.

So for me the practical layout is this:

  • (Menu bar and toolbar on top)
  • Upper third region of docked windows, divided in two:
    • Left half: Palette and Select elements overlaying each other
    • Right half: Properties View and Preferences overlaying each other
  • Remainder bottom 2/3: graph editor window(s)

The problem is, if I quit yEd and later start it, it comes up with the following layout:

  • (Menu bar and toolbar on top)
  • Left 1/4 full height region: Select Elements.
  • Right 3/4:
    • Upper third region of docked windows, divided in two:
      • Left half: Palette
      • Right half: Properties View
    • No Preferences window
    • Remainder bottom 2/3: graph editor window(s)

I think this is a small bug.

EDIT: uploaded the info you asked for:

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Can you upload screen shots of the desired layout and the layout after re-starting yEd as well as the yed-3_5.layout file from your yEd profile directory? This would help tremendously with understanding and reproducing the problem.
The location of the yEd profile directory is mentioned in "Help" -> "About".
Please see How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for information on uploading files here.

Ok, I will edit the question.
Thank you very much for the additional information. We will improve this for the next version of yEd.
FIXED IN 3.20.1 !!! Thank you!
I am sorry for not announcing this improvement here. Glad you noticed anyway. ;-)

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