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Graphml export from Neo4j-explorer does not show the same node labels in YEd

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Hi. Your excellent Neo4j Explorer is great for exploring my graph database and I can see the lnode abels clearly. I can also open the result in YEd live and still see the node labels. Yet when I export that as grapml and then open it in YEd, I can only see the number of incoming and outgoing connections as a label.

This is odd, because the labels look fine in YEd live, after going straight there from Neo4j explorer. I have also tried to export the graph from YEd live and then open in YEd but I get the same problem.

I have spent time trying to use Custom properties and also Properties mapper. However I dont seem to get anywhere. For example, the properties view does not show the additional fields. I can see them in the graphml file as user tags, but I cant get any further than that.

Are you able to replicate this, I wonder. Thankyou for any thoughts.

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Please upload a problematic GraphML file here, so we can investigate the problem.

Please see How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for instructions on uploading files here.

thanks. Ive added the file by using the answer, so I could use the attach link.

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Thank you very much for the sample GraphML file.

The file exported from the Neo4j explorer uses dynamic styles with data binding - a feature that is only supported in the browser-based yWorks products. Moreover, the corresponding data is stored in a way that makes it impossible for yEd to extract the corresponding informaton. (The data is JSON structured data - yEd only supports flat data for its custom properties.)
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Ah good, thankyou for letting me know. Its reassuring to know that I failed at something that couldn't be done because of the file types!
YEd live, YEd, and Neo4j Yworks explorer are all separately very useful, and I can continue to use them in their various domains. thanks.
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 Hi, this is one that looks fine in Neo4j Yworks explorer, and then in YEd live, but loses the labels when coming into YEd. 

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I found help here:


Add this line to the top of the graphml-file, along with the other keys.

<key id="labels" for="node" attr.name="labels"/>

Now you can use the neo4j "labels" in the property mapper from yed.

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